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Behind The Screen Vol. 1 is an obsessive, lore driven look into the world breathing around the NeoScum and the fundamentals driving the Game Mastering. Filled with original illustrations, commentary, and Official Canon NeoScum Secrets. Around 30 pages. It’s sick.

This exclusive zine contains never before seen content written and assembled by NeoScum's GM Gannon Reedy. Tons of secrets, alternate routes, inspiration, footnotes, gasps and laughs await you in these *digital* pages. 

If you happened to stumble upon this page and want to know a little bit more about us: HEY thanks for checking us out! We are NeoScum, a future-fantasy comedy podcast you can probably find on your favorite listening platform. We also play Shadowrun... kinda. 

If you already love us but are still craving MORE (same), you can sign up to be a member of our Patreon, where you'll unlock hours of exclusive bonus content. You can also sign up for our monthly(ish) Scumletter. It's free and it rocks and it rips, so what.


The value of this zine is... well, it's priceless truly, but going based off of hours worked  and bang for your buck, it's $20. If you can't afford that, we still want you to have it! Pay what you can. You can download the full zine at any price. All zines downloaded with a donation of less than $5 will have a SAMPLE watermark over them. All zines that receive a $5 donation or higher will not have the watermark.


That's it! Hope you enjoy the zine, and hey make sure you click on all those NeoScum links above for special internet treats.

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NeoScum Good.


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